1. Why is it so hard to let go?

    Honestly, in my opinion and past experiences, it’s hard to let go because we’re letting go of something we were holding on to. And when we are actually holding onto something, it means that we value it so much that we have that physical desire to keep it in our lives. Letting go isn’t hard if you’re not letting go of something that you still want. Letting go means letting go of something that made you happy. Something that was your whole life. Something that was so important to you. And you aren’t ready for that change. You’re not ready to say goodbye to the thing that you love and cherish so much. You’re not ready to make the “times” that you’re having into pure memories. It’s kind of just a shocking feeling when all of a sudden you have something, then you don’t. And it’s even more hard to let go when you realize and understand that you will never be able to get it back. Who want’s to be unhappy? Who want’s to let something leave when it wasn’t their idea? No one. Letting go is so hard simply because we’re letting go of the present that we love so much, and letting it turn into a past that will probably haunt us for a while to come until the pain is numbed and we move on. It’s so hard to let go because there’s not always a time when you want to say goodbye.


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